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    Important notice: new packaging of WECO light curtain

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    To all new and old customers: 

    In recent years, in order to seek huge profits, some lawbreakers have maliciously imitated WECO light curtain, produced the fake light curtain, sell seconds at best quality prices, confused the public and confused the customers, thus causing the loss of the customers' interests and the damage of WECO brand reputation and the company's interests. 

    Therefore, in order to protect its own rights and prevent counterfeiting and shoddy products from continuing to mix in the light market to disturb the market order, on the one hand, WECO has adopted legal channels to actively safeguard its rights,on the other hand, the company decided to use new packaging. At present, the main products 917 series light curtain, 957 series light curtain and 987 series light curtain have all used new packaging. Please identify the brand of WECO, identify new packaging, beware of being cheated! 

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