Responsibility report

Ningbo WECO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. insists on the principles of honesty, mutual benefit and equality in its business activities. While pursuing economic benefits, it actively fulfills its corporate social responsibilities and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and treats suppliers, customers and consumers with integrity. Environmental protection, enthusiasm for public welfare undertakings, and efforts to implement the responsibilities of “corporate citizens” in daily business activities, thus effectively promoting the harmonious development of the company itself and society.

Complete the management structure and promote scientific management system

In strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations such as the “Company Law” and “Articles of Association”, the company has established shareholders’ meetings, board of directors and board of supervisors to perform the functions of decision-making, management and supervision respectively; and improved the proceedings of shareholders’ meetings, board of directors, board of supervisors and management. Rules, work rules and work systems have formed a corporate governance structure in which the powers and responsibilities between the power organs, business decision-making bodies, supervisory bodies and managers, their respective duties, mutual checks and balances, scientific decision-making, and coordinated operations are formed.

In addition, through the establishment of a dynamic communication management mechanism, the company uses appropriate methods such as telephone, e-mail, fax, website, and supplier meetings to broaden the company's internal top-down and employees, bottom-up to leadership Communication channels, strengthen external two-way communication with customers, suppliers, partners and the public, and implement multi-channel and all-directional communication methods. Through the establishment of general manager mailboxes, factory visual kanbans, rationalization proposals, and discussions of the gardens and other bottom-up communication channels, they understand the ideological trends of employees and adopt rationalization proposals for improving company management.

Protect the rights and interests of employees

The company strictly abides by laws and regulations such as the Labor Law, the Labor Contract Law, and the Implementation Regulations of the Labor Contract Law, and sign labor contracts with employees to protect the legal rights and interests of employees. Treat all employees fairly in terms of hiring, compensation, training, promotion, resignation, or retirement. Remuneration for employees is paid on time and in full, and basic pension insurance, basic medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance, and housing provident fund are paid for employees.

Implement the labor protection system

1. The company conscientiously implemented the labor protection system. The company conducts regular inspections on employees' work safety, and often organizes employees to participate in safety knowledge training, fire safety emergency handling and escape drills, and effectively improve employees' safety awareness and self-protection capabilities. In-depth understanding of employees' lives and work situation, and strive to create a harmonious and safe working environment for employees.

2. The company strictly follows the principle of paying equal attention to distribution according to work and performance assessment, providing employees with reasonable remuneration packages and promoting the harmonious and stable labor relations. On the other hand, the company has established a comprehensive performance management system that combines various assessment methods such as regular assessments and irregular assessments. It uses the assessment results as a basis for employee compensation and bonus distribution, encouraging and mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees and inspiring employees. Work enthusiasm to ensure the company's healthy and stable development.

Environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development

The company proactively undertakes various social and public responsibilities. It conducts rigorous assessments of issues such as environmental pollution, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, safe production, and product safety that are brought to society during the production, service, and operation. Indicators, study the corresponding improvement measures, and constantly improve and improve the construction of environmental protection system and strictly control the quality of the environment.

Fair operation

The company established and improved the supplier management system and supplier evaluation system, established the "qualified supplier list", organized supplier qualification evaluation, conducted management assessment of qualified suppliers' transaction business, and verified samples, quality management of supply, etc. Join the assessment scope. Adhere to the implementation of a fair and transparent procurement system, through standardization, standardization of the selection process, to prevent the harsh and unreasonable requirements of suppliers. To further improve the supplier evaluation system, the tendering and bidding process and post-event auditing are conducted in strict accordance with regulations, and the maintenance of complaints and communication channels is smooth, creating a fair and efficient competitive environment for suppliers. The company resolutely put an end to unfair trade practices that violate commercial ethics and market rules and affect fair competition, effectively safeguarded a fair and just trading environment, safeguarded the legitimate interests of suppliers, and promoted the sustainable, stable and healthy development of the company.

Protect the rights and interests of customers

The company and its customers have long maintained a partnership. In external horizontal communication, the company’s senior leaders hold regular business meetings and supporting meetings each year, visit major customers, hold symposiums and other forms of networking, communicate with customers, partners, and the public, and communicate the company’s values, development goals, and performance expectations. Passed in time. Take consumer rights as the starting point to improve the quality of products and services. The company strictly controls product quality and implements a quality monitoring system from raw material procurement to end products to ensure product quality. The company has won the top 100 enterprises in Ningbo and famous brand products in Zhejiang Province. The company's products have obtained CE certification from the European Union and CSA certification from North America, which is a strong affirmation of the company's product quality. The company rewards its customers and consumers with high quality product quality and service.

Fulfil social responsibility

While creating economic benefits, the company pays more attention to social benefits and social responsibilities and adopts various methods to fulfill its social responsibilities. The company aims at benefiting the society and repaying the society. It strives to continuously improve the product quality and humanization characteristics, and supports large-scale elevator manufacturing enterprises, and indirectly contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the entire nation. The company has established a good co-construction relationship with major elevator manufacturers and local governments, and has established a business philosophy of mutual benefit and win-win for the company, customers and the society. In the course of development, the company continuously creates jobs for the society and pays taxes in accordance with the law, and contributes its own strength to the region's social and economic development.

The company actively organizes its employees to participate in various kinds of public welfare activities. It displays the good spirit of the “microcosmic people” in public and establishes the public image of the company. Supporting charitable causes such as natural disasters, helping the crisis, helping the disabled and assisting the disabled. All employees of the company are organized to make donations and encourage employees to contribute their own love and strength to benefit the society. The company also called for employees to respond to events such as the Smokeless Day, Car Free Day, Mother's Day, Teachers' Day and other public welfare anniversaries to purify the environment and improve the quality of employees' public welfare. This helps to ease the urban economic development of cities, especially industrial enterprises. Serious environmental pollution and improvement of human and human environment.