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There is a corporation located at Beilun port, east coast of China, has been engaging in elevator door sensor in the industry of elevator. It was ordinary and unknown to public at very beginning, but now it has grew up as the pioneer and mega star in the elevator industryNINGBO WECO OPTOELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.

"Nuance and innovation" are the consistent pursuit of WECO. Since the beginning of the establishment of WECO in 2004, Chairman Qiu Zhiwei has put forward the “enterprise culture” of “enterprise, truth-seeking, dedication, and civilization” and the enterprise management motto of “strengthening governance and achieving rapid development”. With these mental spirit supported, WECO got through the hardest time of the beginning period, gradually, WECO advanced from survival phrase to development phrase, leaping to the development by science and technology, survival with quality, wining market with credibility, and bringing profitability with large scale. Besides, Mr Qiu proposed The business philosophy which are dedicated to providing customers with superior products and services---people oriented, champion-striving and zero start.

As the old saying goes,“the sharpness of sword comes from adversity, the aroma plum blossoms suffered from bitter cold.”The company always insists on independent research and development of products, and consider “build its own brand and win market with quality” as the foundation of strong enterprises, consider “be highly strict with itself and lead to meet customer needs” as its standing. The basis of the enterprise is its high standards, strict requirements, continuous development and innovation.

From awarding the national high-tech enterprise to achieving the national Torch Program project from the top 100 enterprises of the city to provincial brand-name companies; to pass the Chinese CCC certification to acquire the CE certification, CSA certification ..... Behind the halo is the WECO relentless pursuit and hard work of products and services for decades. The results are behind the achievements of the WECO and the magnificence transmission from the minor factory to a company with the standard management system


In addition, the company also established its own elevator light curtain professional laboratory with the vast investment. establish extensive cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes to establish colleges and universities cooperation research laboratories and other hardware facilities. The company's products are all independent research and development, with all intellectual property rights.The company won the title of Zhejiang famous brand product and Zhejiang famous trademark. In 2017, it was selected as the first batch of single manufacturing champion cultivation enterprises in Ningbo.

"The wine is also afraid of the deep alley." Good products need a good marketing strategy. How to promote good products towards the market, obtain market recognition, and occupy more market share? This is what WECO has been exploring. Focusing on the elevator market, WECO has implemented high-, medium-, and low-level target market stratification to accurately match market demand with different products. Under the background of the development of economic globalization, WECO are not confined to the domestic market. Instead, it has adopted a broader perspective and taken a broad view of the world to formulate a mid- to long-term goal of “building the first brand of the global elevator light curtain”. From the production of general-purpose products to customization for customers, starting from the demands of customers, meeting customer requirements, to actively solve problems for customers, actively innovate and constantly improve to provide customers with better and more comfortable Product and service experience. With the philosophy of excellence and great quality of products WECO is able to continue to gain market and customer recognition.

If we say that the company’s achievements in the past depend on the correct management of the company, then it can be said that the company’s brand values are always the direction and motivation that always guides and drives the company forward. Product quality is the life of a company for WECO. No matter what it is the commitment to the customers or the requirements for suppliers, quality is always the first consideration between product quality and price. For customers, the company provides products with acceptable prices, high quality and reliable products. With regard to suppliers, WECO have strict access conditions, reduce costs through the company's own cost control system, and never sacrifice quality due to price.


In order to further expand its brand effect, the company often arranged the participation in overseas exhibitions. On the one hand, it demonstrated the image of Chinese companies and Chinese brands for the whole world. On the other hand, it also increased the company’s brand reputation. At present, the company has cooperated with more than 120 domestic elevator manufacturers. The products are exported to more than 40 countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of elevator light curtains.


A successful corporate brand should be a combination of quality, taste and character. As a leading company in the industry, WECO is not proud of its own achievements. On the contrary, the company has always been a modest, pragmatic approach to take each order seriously, even if the quantity is small; the company also cherish the value of each customer, whatever it is an industry giant or an ordinary company.

At present, the entire elevator market is surging, the economic environment is constantly changing, and the competition in the elevator industry is becoming more fierce in the future, How to cope with the challenges, maintain and develop brand competitiveness is another challenge for WECO. However, the challenge is also an opportunity. WECO will strive for excellence, strive for perfection, and constantly surpass to create more value and make customers more satisfied. with the spirit of “artisan workmanship”which is “we have that others don’t have we have excellence that others don’t have, and we are excellent that others are not”