Zhejiang Makes

    On September 9, our company was awarded the "Made in Zhejiang" product word mark certification. The "Pin Zi Biao" brand is a regional public brand that the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government has focused on. It uses "high standards + strict certification" as the main means to create a collection of high-end quality, independent technology, high-quality services, strong reputation, and market and public recognition. The regional public brand integrating quality, technology, service and reputation is the "benchmark" and "leader" of various industries, and is synonymous with high quality and high level. Generally speaking, Zhejiang manufacturing is stricter than the industry standard, and the industry standard is stricter than the national standard. It can be said that only the cutting-edge enterprises in the industry can pick up the "brand word mark". The "Pin Word Mark" certification is a certificate of merit for the product.