company culture


WECO's culture

Our mission and vision: pursue excellence and build a centennial enterprise.

Our business tenet: meticulous and technological innovative.

Our business philosophy: people-oriented, new starting point, striving for the first.

Our core values: sincere, practical, united and efficient.

WECO's culture is the soul of WECO, and it is the code of conduct for WECO people. In the long-term production and management practices of WECO, senior leaders summarized and refined a series of missions, visions, spirits, principles, and concepts, and formed a complete corporate culture system with WECO-specialties.

The WECO-system is rich in content, deep in accumulation and experienced three stages of enlightenment, formation, and sublimation.


The leadership team with the company's executive director and manager Mr. Qiu Zhiwei as the core position in the entrepreneur, based on the present, look to the future, put forward the "enterprising spirit" of "enterprising, truth-seeking, service, civilization" and The “rule of governance” that “enriches governance and realizes takeoff” constitutes the embryonic form of WECO optoelectronics enterprise system. It was in this spirit that the leaders led the employees who started the business together with WECO, through their hardship in the first stage of their lives, through the hard times of the start-up period.


In the promotion and practice of “enterprising spirit” and “government motto” during the period of enlightenment, senior leaders gradually put forward ideals such as ideal ambition, goal of struggle, plant style, consciousness, and concepts, and “pursuing development through science and technology and seeking survival through quality”. In order to win the market with integrity and achieve profitability with scale, it is our motto. In particular, it puts forward the philosophy of “people-oriented, first-come-minded, and starting point” and uses this as the core value of Microelectronics, which symbolizes the formation of WECO corporate culture system. By building corporate culture and atmosphere around core values, Microelectronics finally transformed the company's excellent management into outstanding products and services.

Sublimation(Since 2008)
WECO leaders did not put the complete corporate culture system on a static level. Instead, they continuously enriched and developed. They put forward the WECO's mission of “using excellence and leadership to meet customer needs” and formulated the “Building Global Elevator Light. The vision of the first brand of the curtain. The WECO culture system has been enriched in terms of content and has been developed on the extension. It has become a valuable intangible asset of the company.

  • People-oriented—WECO's Business Philosophy

    Refers to the enterprise in the development process, to human-centered, to respect the care of employees to the maximum extent, to meet the needs of employees' own development and participate in management of emotions. Example: Excavate, exert and mobilize the potential of the masses. For example, in the aspect of product development, we should increase incentives and implement a care policy to fully mobilize the subjective initiative of technical staff.

  • Starting from Scratch—WECO's development view

    We must treat our achievements and successes with a dialectical perspective. We must not be complacent or proud, and we must always maintain our fighting stance and enterprising spirit. We must use success as a starting point, from glory to new splendor. Example: The importance of the “zero point” should be highlighted at the time of the celebration and congratulations. If the potential crisis and challenge are analyzed at the annual or year-end celebration meeting, all units will face the next year's business goal “voting oath” and start a new journey from “zero point”.

  • TO Be the No.1—WECO's view of the strong

    It refers to the indomitable will and the conviction to win the leading position among the counterparts in the country and even the whole world. It strives for excellence, rejects the ordinary, and builds the first brand of the global elevator light curtain. Example: Emphasizing the vision of building a world-class company and building the world's No. 1 brand. For example, formulating the annual work target policy and decomposing it into various departments for assessment, the company’s vision is achieved year by year as planned.