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    The physical device of the light curtain

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    Light curtains are classified into safety light curtains with safety ratings and ordinary light curtains without safety ratings.

    Safety light curtains are mainly used in industrial automation.

    In a modern factory, people and machines work together on some potentially dangerous mechanical equipment such as stamping machines, shearing equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly lines, automated welding lines, mechanical transfer handling equipment, hazardous areas (toxic, High pressure, high temperature, etc., can easily cause personal injury to workers.

    The photoelectric safety device emits infrared light to generate a protective light curtain. When the light curtain is blocked, the device emits a light-blocking signal to control the potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working and avoid safety accidents.

    The installation of photoelectric safety protection devices can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, avoid the dangers of operating workers and third parties, reduce the overall cost of accidents, and benefit the company itself, operators and society.

    Safety light curtains are generally classified into safety level 2 and safety level 4.

    Normal light curtains that do not have a safety level are generally used in the field of elevators or security to prevent intrusion detection.

    When working in the security field to prevent intrusion detection, 3C authentication is required.

    The most common application of ordinary light curtains that do not have a safety level is the elevator light curtain.

    Design methods to improve the reliability of light curtains:

    In actual working conditions, damage or instability of the light curtain is often caused by unstable voltage, poor grounding, ambient light interference, dust, and water ingress.

    Therefore, in order to improve the trouble-free working time of the light curtain product, it is recommended that the following factors be taken into consideration when designing the light curtain:

    - IP65 degree of protection

    - Ambient light resistance over 100,000 Lux

    - Fluorescent lamp light intensity 3000Lux and above

    - Metal housing, groundless design

    - Pass at least 4000V static discharge test

    - Can withstand 1000V transient surge

    - Can withstand group pulse above 4000V