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    The importance of elevator warning signs

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    When taking the elevator, you must pay attention to safety, and the warning signs of the elevator must be able to recognize.

    1. The engine room The elevator machine room is the control center for the elevator operation and is the place where the safe operation of the elevator is crucial. The warning signs such as “the room is heavy and the idler does not enter” are set at the entrance of the computer room. Non-professionals are prevented from entering.

    2. Doors at all levels. At present, most elevators do not have a warning symbol at the landing door to remind passengers to stop pushing the landing doors and prevent private banks from opening doors. There have been tragedies of "boys falling to the elevator shaft" because someone opened the door. Therefore, it is advisable to set a significant warning symbol at the elevator landing door, prompting a wide range of passengers to stop pushing the landing doors and open the landing doors by private parties. It is also preferable to set a slogan that prompts the passengers to wait outside the landing door to wait for the elevator in a proper orientation of the landing door. In addition, a warning symbol should also be affixed beside the keyhole on the landing door, prompting people to stop the damage to the keyhole, so as to prevent the door from being opened from the outside when the elevator is in trouble. In the bottom of the elevator call button is usually set around the elevator fire switch, should also be marked with such as "fire switch, stop private banking" and other warning signs, if not a fire situation, the passenger is to prevent private banks press the fire switch.