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Elevator maintenance of security and technical points

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Elevator maintenance of security and technical points

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Safety tips:

   1. When people with service elevator, to be concentrated thought, there has to be calling each other, to do with the work.

   2. If you use the key to open the hall door triangle, we must look at the position of the car, do not necessarily assume that the elevator in what position.

   3. When you open the hall door into the car roof, can not be closed immediately, we must first switch to overhaul inspection file, press the emergency stop switch, turn on the car roof light, car roof after a firm can only shut the hall door.

   4. When the car roof, the first to open the hall door, and then the car top inspection switch, emergency stop switch, lighting switch, one reset, then shut the hall door to reach the hall. (If a person standing in the hall to be able to operate over the switch, should stand above the hall after the reset switch)

   5. The car is running, do not put the probe body outside railing. Do not straddle at work.

   6. When the car roof, in case of runaway elevator run, do remain calm, you should grab things can help, squatting steady in a safe place, not an attempt to open the door to jump out.

   7. When working in the pit, the pit should be cut off safety switch boxes overhaul. When the climb out of the pit, we must ensure that the landing door in the open state, before being turned pit safety circuit, and then quickly climbed out of the pit. (If you can operate a safety switch in the hall, you should turn the safety switch in person and then climbed out of the pit, and then closed)

   8. If you need to check the elevator door locks short fault, do you want to ensure that the elevator is in the maintenance state. After the inspection is completed, be sure to disconnect the connection after a short let the elevator door is reset to its normal state.

   9. Maintenance elevator emergency device when using the emergency switch, be sure that the hall door is closed, to prevent others from falling into the well. Into the pit work, if you want to open a Loumen must plug warning signs or personal care in the hall door, earnestly others measures to prevent falling into the pit.

   10. When you need to cut off power supply repair the elevator, should hang "Someone operation, DO NOT TURN ON" the warning signs. During operation or use with power tools, to do good to prevent electric shock safety issues.


Technical Note:


Safety circuit


   Elevator can safely run to ensure that, in the elevator is equipped with many safety features.Each security components are only under normal circumstances, the lift to run, otherwise stop the lift immediately.

   The so-called safety circuit is in the elevator safety components are equipped with a safety switch, all the safety switches in series to control a safety relay. Only if all safety switches are turned on in the case, the safety relay, elevator to get electricity to run.

l common security circuit switch are:

   Room: control panel emergency stop switch, phase sequence relay, thermal relay, the governor switch

   Wells said: upper limit switch, lower limit switch (some lift these two switches on the safety circuit, while others use both direct control switch power supply)

   Pit: broken rope protection switch, emergency stop switch box maintenance pit, buffer switch

   Inside the car: emergency stop switch control box

   Jiaoding: safety window switches, safety gear switch, emergency stop switch box jiaoding overhaul

Fault Status:

   When the elevator is stopped, all the signals can not be registered, were unable to run the express slow, the first suspect is a safety circuit failure. Should go to the room to observe the state of the control panel of the safety relay. If the safety relay is released state, should determine the safety circuit fault.

Malfunction Possible causes:

   1. The input power supply phase sequence or phase error caused by the phase sequence relay.

   2. Lift the load in the super long run or stall, causing thermal relay.

   3. may cause the governor overspeed governor for switching.

   The elevator hoisting or sink to the bottom causing limit switch.

   5. Pit broken rope switch. Might be the governor rope or long jump.

   6. safety gear. Should investigate the cause. The governor may be speeding action, the governor oil loss malfunction pit sheave oil loss, pit sheave foreign objects (such as a mouse, etc.) involved, and other security deed block gap is too small.

   7. Security window was jacked up, causing the security window switch.

   8. any possible emergency stop switch is pressed people.

   9. If all switches are normal, should check their contact is good contact, the wiring is loose and so on.

   In addition, although currently more elevator safety circuit normal safety relays are energized, but usually take on a pair of safety relay normally open contact and then sent to the computer (or PC) for testing, if the safety relay itself is bad, will cause a safety circuit fault condition.


Lock Loop


   To ensure that the lift can be run after the whole department is closed, every fan in the hall door and car doors are fitted with electric door interlock switch. Only whole department in case of an electrical interlock switch all turned on, the control panel of the door lock relay can only pull, lift to run.


Fault Status:

   In the whole department is closed, the door to the control panel to observe the state of the relay, the relay is released if the lock state, you should judge for lock loop is disconnected.

Repair method:

   Since most elevator climbing Express are not run off when the door locks, door locks fault though so easy to judge, but it is difficult to figure out which door failure.

My maintenance recommendations:

   1. First stop should be the focus of suspicion layer elevator door malfunctions.

   2. asked whether layer triangular key opened the door, in the hall with a triangular key to re-look at the hall door switch.

   3. Make sure that in the maintenance state, the control panel separate short hall door and hall door, the separation is part of the hall door or car door part of the fault.

   4. If so Tingmen partial failure, ensuring the maintenance status, short hall lock loop to run the elevator inspection speed, layer by layer Tingmen check each channel interlock exposure (do not forget the passive door).

   Note: After repair door lock circuit fault, we must first take down the door wiring short, can only express elevator to the state will be restored.

   In addition, although currently more lift lock loop normal, but also pull the door lock relay, but usually in the door to take a pair of normally open relay contacts and then sent to the computer (or PC) for testing, if the door lock relay contact itself poor state of lock circuit will cause failure.


Safety Edge (photoelectric door, door curtains)


   In order to prevent the passengers caught in elevator doors closing process, it is generally in the elevator door sedan equipped with a safety touch pad (or photoelectric or light curtains).

   Safety Edge: one device for mechanical pinch, when the elevator in the closing process, the people met safety edge, safety edge indented, led lower part of a micro switch, safety edge switching, control direction of rotation to open the door.

   Optical: Some elevator door installed photovoltaic (at least two), while for the transmitter, the other side of the receiver. When the elevator doors closed, if there is an object blocking the light, the receiver can not accept the transmitting end of the light source, immediately driving photoelectric relay, photoelectric relay control door opening in the opposite direction.

   Curtains: the principle is the same photoelectric, but there are many launch points and receive points only.


Fault Status:

1. Elevator door does not close

Phenomenon: the elevator in automatic position when not turned off, or not related to reverse completely open. When maintenance was able to shut.

The reason:

   Safety Edge switch is broken, or stuck, or improper alignment switch, safety edge that is caused by slight movements switch.

Door photoelectric (or curtains) position or partial shade. Or door no photoelectric (light curtain) power supply, or photovoltaic (light curtain) is bad.


2. Security touch pad does not work

The reason:

   Safety Edge switch is broken, or the line has been broken.


  Identify the reason for the repair.


Closing force limit switch


   Some of the elevator door closing force is equipped with limit switches, when the door is in a closed process if the door is still subject to a certain resistance does not close, the switching operation, door to door directions of rotation.

   Although some frequency door without this switch, but also has a similar function. If the case of some resistance, they can not shut exceeds a certain value by calculating the current of the inverter door, then turned in the opposite direction at the time of closing.


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