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The difference between the elevator doors and curtains ordinary elevator doors

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The difference between the elevator doors and curtains ordinary elevator doors

Release date:2015-02-03 16:38 Source: Views:

 According to statistics, the elevator injuries to passengers, more than 80% are caused by the elevator door.Much of the elevator malfunction is the elevator door system failure. Vertical elevators from birth onwards, avoiding a potential threat to passenger elevator doors, protecting the elevator door safe operation of the system itself, has been the elevator manufacturing, maintenance of an important issue. States lift standards, all of the elevator doors have mandatory security. Engineering and technical personnel design using various forms of the elevator door protection system. Since the 1990s, the infrared light curtain elevator door protection system in the elevator industry gradually been widely adopted.

    Infrared light curtain elevator door protection system consists of an infrared transmitter and an infrared receiver components were installed on both sides of the elevator car doors. Infrared emitters can emit infrared detection beam sequentially, infrared receiver can detect these beams circulating in turn, resulting in the formation of the elevator car door flat tens to hundreds of beams of infrared light curtain protection.When a passenger or object plane out of the elevator car doors, blocking the infrared light curtain for any bouquet of the scanning process, the control system will ascertain the light curtain, and outputs a signal to the elevator car door systems, so that the elevator door reversal being closed opened to serve the purpose of protecting passengers.

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