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High-rise buildings in the elevator system how to choose

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High-rise buildings in the elevator system how to choose

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A high-level super-tall elevator configuration

  In high-rise buildings, the fast, efficient and smooth vertical service is indispensable. Elevator as a vertical transport, its number of configurations, the selected control mode and the parameters of the building will not only directly affect an investment in general elevator building investment accounts for about 10% of total investment), but also the impact of buildings The use of safety and operational quality of service. In a building aptly chosen several lifts, capacity, speed, control is very important, and once the selection and installation of an elevator in the building to use it almost became a permanent fact, if you want to increase or modification after a very difficult, or even impossible, therefore, in the design should be at the beginning of the design configuration of the elevator should be full attention.

  Modern high-rise buildings, mostly in about 100 layers, large population movements within the building, the key vertical transport depends elevators, elevators efficient design of high-rise buildings is the use of a variety of local elevator service, and the local area of the elevator system organized. Access to these local areas from the ground by the originating station to air fast local area shuttle between lobby elevator service, passengers arriving air lobby and then transfer to local elevators. To be able to transport passengers to reach their destination the fastest, generally every 30 to 35 floor building for a local area. Conventional super high-rise buildings (100 layers) elevator configuration shown in Figure 1.

  Figure 1 General skyscraper (100 layers) lift configuration

  Ultra-high-rise elevator in the configuration should note the following:

  1. Single viable lift limit the number of elevator group is eight.

  2. Number of floors located above each elevator floor area (office) should not exceed 15 to 16 layers (double layer is 18 to 20).

  3. A typical office building elevator load monolayer is: 1350,1600 and 1800kg. Double for: 1350/1350; 1600/1600; 1800 / 1800kg.

  4. Typical air corridor / sightseeing story elevator deadweight 2040; 2250; 2500kg.

  5. The elevator of vertical acceleration in 0.9 ~ 1.5m / s2.

  6. Lift the emphasis on speed to overcome the long trip; a typical non-elevator speed gearboxes are: 2.5,3.5,4.0,5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0,9.0,10.0m / s and so on.

  7. traction elevator longest trip for 600m.

  Second, the rise of super high-rise elevator control system

  Because high-rise building multi-ladder system, in order to improve the efficiency of the elevator group, with the fastest speed to meet the needs of passengers and shorten the waiting time of passengers, for the elevator control system using computer should handle large amounts of information in a timely manner by the computer control system the various state judgment call information of each station and each elevator position, direction, opening and closing the state, call the car so as to improve transport capacity, improve service quality, enhance economic efficiency over the building. Elevator group control computer system has the following aspects:

  1. Reduce speed before the car reaches the site each stop, before it reaches the ends of the platform forced slow down, stop, and avoid the rush hit the top end, in order to ensure safety.

  2. passengers inside the car to reach the site of the register by the indicator as a response signal, slow down before reaching the designated site parking, elimination number, call waiting passengers ladder register respond to the signal.

  3. The full straight ahead, just stop the car passengers specified site.

  4. When the car is idling at a certain site from another site call, the car and another car traveling in the same direction to compare their distance call layer, who arrived near the station and eliminate the call number.

  5. The end of the platform passengers call, end call arrived near the site of the car and it's empty car service.

  6. Set the position of the car at each station monitors, passengers on the platform to predict and eliminate passengers anxious mood, while allowing passengers to move to the answer in advance elevator, shorten waiting time.

  7. After the site is registered answering the call, the car arrived at the site should have a voice to remind passengers waiting ladder.

  8. Run the car's deceleration point scanning each station, according to the car or whether the call is to decide whether the site parking.

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