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Sensors in mechatronic systems

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Sensors in mechatronic systems

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Sensors in mechatronic systems

  Sensor is one of the important technologies around mechatronic systems (or product) development, widely used in various automation products into:

  1. robot with sensors. Industrial robots have been able to operate accurately, because it can be accurately perceived by the various sensors themselves, and the state of the operation target operating environment, comprising: obtaining state information of its own internal sensors (position, displacement, velocity, acceleration, etc.) to complete the operation object and the perception of the external environment through external sensors to achieve, this process is very important, enough to provide feedback to control the robot.

  2. sensing technology machining process.

  (1) the cutting process and machine processes running sensing technology. The purpose of the cutting process is to optimize the sensing of the cutting process productivity, manufacturing cost, or (metal) material removal rate. Sensing the cutting process goals of cutting force and changes in the cutting process, the cutting process tremble, the tool and the workpiece and the cutting chips contact state and cutting process identification, etc., but the most important parameters are cutting force sensing, cutting process vibration, acoustic emission cutting process, the cutting process of the motor power and so on. For operation of the machine is concerned, the main goal of sensing a drive system, bearings and slewing system, temperature monitoring and control and safety, with its sensing parameters machine downtime, the surface roughness of the workpiece and precision, power, machine status and the coolant flow.

  (2) the process of sensing the workpiece. Compared with the tool and machine process monitoring technology, process monitoring and application of the work is the study of the earliest and most. Most of them in order to control the target workpiece quality. Since the 1980s, the workpiece to identify and monitor the position and orientation of the workpiece installation requirements are also on the agenda. Roughly speaking, the identification process is to identify whether the processing step is performed by workers (zero) the step of processing required; parts recognition is brought to the machine identification or blank workpiece to be machined is to ask whether the processing of the workpiece or blank, and also require identification of the position and orientation of the workpiece mounting whether the requirements of the position and orientation process specification. You can also take advantage of the workpiece to identify and monitor the sensor to be machined workpiece mounting blank or workpiece machining margin and surface defects.Completion of these identification and monitoring will be used or developed many sensors, such as a TV or CCD-based machine vision sensors, laser surface roughness sensing system.

  (3) tool (wheel detection sensor. Cutting and grinding process is an important material removal process. The tool and wheel wear to a certain limit (according to standard blunt determination) or appears damaged (breakage, chipping, burns, plastic deformation or volume knife general), so that they lose the cut (grinding ability or inability to ensure accuracy and integrity of the machined surface, it is called the tool / wheel failure. Industry statistics prove that the tool failure is the primary factor causing machine downtime by downtime caused its accounts for 1 / 5-1 / 3 of the total downtime class NC machine tools. In addition, it may lead to equipment or personal safety accidents, and even a major accident.

The car automatic control system sensing technology. With the application of sensor technology and other new technologies, modern auto industry has entered a new era. Requirements for automotive mechatronics replace purely mechanical control components with automatic control system, which is reflected not only in the engine, for a more comprehensive improve vehicle performance, increase human services functions, reduce fuel consumption and exhaust pollution, improve driving safety , reliability, ease of operation and comfort, advanced detection and control technology has been extended to the car body. In all of its key control system, it is essential to use the crankshaft position sensor, suction and cooling water temperature sensors, pressure sensors, gas sensors and other sensors.

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