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Sensor technology development direction of China

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Sensor technology development direction of China

Release date:2015-02-03 16:24 Source: Views:

Sensor technology development direction of China

Future direction of development of sensor technology can have several aspects:

  1. accelerate the development of new sensitive materials: through a variety of disciplines microelectronics, optoelectronics, biochemistry, and information processing, mutual penetration of new technologies and utilization is expected to develop an advanced sensor based on the new batch of sensitive materials.

  2. to develop high-precision: developed a high sensitivity, high accuracy, fast response, good interchangeability new sensors to ensure the reliability of production automation.

  3. towards miniaturization: through the development of new materials and processing technology to achieve miniaturization of the sensor is a hot research in recent years.

  4. the development of micro-power and passive: Sensors are generally non-transformed electricity to power is inseparable from power at work, the development of micro-power sensors and passive sensors is the inevitable direction of development.

5. to intelligent digital development: With the development of modern, functional sensor has broken through the traditional function, and its output is no longer a single analog signal (eg 0-10mV), but after a good digital signal processing microcomputer a bit even with control functions, namely intelligent sensors.


  Entrance for personal protective security screens commonly used solutions. Security screens usually by the transmitter and the receiver is composed of a set of parallel transmitter emits infrared light by the receiver to receive, when there are people or obstacles blocking the light, safety light curtain output signal to the mechanical equipment, machinery and equipment immediately stop work in order to effectively protect the safety of workers.

  With the application of information technology and automation technology, logistics and equipment to the rapid development of automation, information technology and intelligent direction. However, more and more automated technology to bring faster, more accurate and more stable rate of logistics equipment, but also for the production site to bring a certain security risks.

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