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Elevator light curtain safety hazards

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Elevator light curtain safety hazards

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Elevator light curtain safety hazards

  When the product out of the automatic packing machine or labeling machines, and there are some security risks in the transport line entrance in pallets and containers out of the automated warehouse. Due to the high-speed machines are in operating condition, if there are personnel to enter the scene, machines and automatic warehouse will cause very serious injury. Traditional security measures are often at the periphery of the machine installation of mechanical fence or optoelectronic protective devices, although this method can effectively protect most of the danger zone, but out of the machine or the warehouse entrance conveyor line protection is very weak, did not cause enough attention.

  Safety Light Curtains

  In response to this entrance commonly used personal protective safety light curtain solutions. Safety light curtains, also known as safety grating, which usually consists of a transmitter and a receiver is composed of a set of parallel transmitter emits infrared light by the receiver to receive, or when there is an obstacle blocking the light staff, security screens output signal for machinery and equipment, mechanical equipment immediately stop work in order to effectively protect the safety of workers.

 But the safety light curtain safety protection for ordinary functions entrances powerless, because when normal people and goods will be interrupted by the same safety light curtain controller is unable to distinguish between the normal production is still dangerous situation, which can not be played protection.

  With the safety light curtain technology development, the emergence of curtain shielding technology (Muting), integrated shielding light curtains can make the light curtain function via external sensor signal input temporarily disabled, so that when the goods or the tray into the light curtain before the detection area, first by two photoelectric sensors to detect goods, and outputs a signal to the security screens, security screens to determine whether you need to temporarily block out curtains feature allows goods through.Figure for shielding curtain in a conveyor line application diagram. Figure A1, A2, B1, B2 respectively four photoelectric sensors. Due to differences in the speed and length of the tray with great people, so by the length of the cargo tray or running speed V L and calculate the position of the parameters D and d1 photoelectric sensor installation. This will ensure that when the transport of goods and people through the line of photoelectric sensors give different logical combinations, curtains by photoelectric sensor output signals to determine, whether drawn curtain shield instruction is lit if the light curtain is blocked shielded lights, prompts the operator to be brief curtain shield.

  Methods of safety light curtains with muting function in combination with a photoelectric sensor can effectively solve the security problems that exist in conveying equipment, but because the site operators are not professional security experts, are often unable to accurately determine the location of the installation of photoelectric sensors, such then planted some security risks for the entire device. Meanwhile, due to the increase of the photoelectric sensor so that the field wiring becomes more complicated and prone to error.

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