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Easy to use security screens

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Easy to use security screens

Release date:2015-02-03 16:21 Source: Views:

Easy to use security screens

  Based on a growing number of logistics equipment customers need easy to use safety light curtains , L-type and T-type modular safety light curtains,


  This curtain will photoelectric sensors integrated within one or two horizontal screens, each consisting of L-type or T-type curtain. The advantage of this is that the photoelectric sensor light curtain modular, allowing customers without the need for complex calculations and installation site, and a dedicated cable makes with the main transverse curtain curtain connection easier. So the user only needs to be installed as the same as an ordinary light curtain will this light curtain can be installed in the field, to achieve security with shielding function.

  When the on-site production process or processes change, the modular light curtain transverse the flow field can be increased according to the change of goods or reduced, and the position may be flexibly adjusted, adjustment screens function only within the light curtain through the toggle switch to complete. Currently this curtain has been widely used in many European auto transport equipment and automated warehouse, L-3 are used in automated palletizing equipment curtains and T-curtain at the entrance of the automatic warehouse.

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