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What is the elevator light curtain

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What is the elevator light curtain

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What is the elevator light curtain

Elevator light curtain is a light elevator door safety device for elevators, freight elevators, to protect the safety of passengers. By infrared transmitter and receiver are mounted on both sides of the door of the elevator car, installed in the car roof boxes and special power flex cable four major components. In the transmitter has 32 (16) infrared emission control, under the control of the MCU, transmitting and receiving tube so opened the car door from top to bottom continuously scans the area, forming a dense curtain of infrared protection. When any beam of light is blocked, the control system immediately open signal output, shut the car door stops and reverses open until passengers or barrier material left after the warning area before the elevator doors closed properly, so as to achieve the purpose of security, so Folders can avoid elevator accidents happen people. So elevator screens, is actually a photoelectric sensor. During normal door switch, the light does not blocking the light path unobstructed, safe closed. Should When closed, someone out or other objects blocking the light path is blocked, the safety circuit to control the elevator door again, and then shut down to avoid the clip to passengers.

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