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Elevator distress approach

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Elevator distress approach

Release date:2015-02-03 15:59 Source: Views:

The operation of the elevator sudden failure is inevitable thing. Once the elevator encounter failure, residents should be how to deal with? In normal use, how to maximize the elevator to avoid dangerous situations? 
   Most of the elevator car door and fault-related, but the residents' kick the door for no reason, "" no hands, but with other items such as key touch button "" junk scattered to the elevator door, "and" take the elevator when the elevator door by hand or body a mess. " and other misconduct, are the main cause of failure of the elevator car doors. Therefore, usually try to avoid similar behavior to take the elevator. Many people take the elevator at the time, are accustomed to using the body, hands, feet prevent the elevator doors closed, in fact, this is very dangerous behavior. Although equipped with detection devices to prevent people on the elevator door clip, but once the elevator-related system fails, easily clip wounding, even sandwiched people running, causing serious accidents. After the failure of the elevator will generally stop running, the people trapped inside, which is actually a protective action against human failure after lift. There are vents in the elevator, people will not be lack of oxygen, trapped in an elevator is not really dangerous. In case of a power outage caused by the fault, such as stuck in the elevator, do not panic or trapped blind self-help, the best way is to inform the daily maintenance of the unit by the bell inside the elevator. Upon completion of the notification, the safest approach is to keep calm, save energy, waiting for rescue. Especially not trapped forced open the elevator door, so do easily fall into the elevator shaft. Once the elevator out of control occurs suddenly fall phenomenon, trapped in each layer to quickly put the keys are pressed, if there is cargo elevator, it should help good; while the knees bent, the body was squat position, remained stable, When should a child have a child in her arms.

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