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    High Starting Point, High Quality! WECO Is Certified with "ZHEJIANG MADE"

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             On September 9th, we are honored to get "ZHEJIANG MADE" certification. This Quality Brand is a key regional brand awarded by Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. It uses "high standards + strict certification" as the main principle to create a new regional public brand with high quality, independent technology, excellent service, good reputation, and recognized by the market and the public. It is the "benchmark" and "leader" of all industries, as well as a synonymous with high quality and high level. Generally speaking, the standard for ZHEJIANG MADE is stricter than that for the industry, while the industry standard is stricter than the national one. It can be said that only the top enterprises can get the award of Quality Brand. It is is a certificate of medal for the product.


            Since the company established, WECO has always adhered to ingenuity and focused on high-quality products. After years of unremitting efforts, WECO optoelectronics products have been recognized by the market and consumers with advanced technology and excellent quality. The company has successively won "Zhejiang Famous Brand Enterprise", "Ningbo Top 100 Competitive Enterprises", "National Small Giant Key Enterprise", "Zhejiang Provincial Manufacturing Individual Champion Enterprise", "Ningbo Key Cultivation Enterprise", "Ningbo Export Famous Brand Enterprise" and many other honorary titles, winning high reputation.


            Honor is the society's recognition for the company's products, and it is also an incentive and spur to the company. We will take this as a new starting point, make efforts consistently, pioneer and innovate, continue to enhance brand influence, improve the product competitiveness in the market, lead the development and set benchmark of the industry.