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    Company's ERP Software Upgrade Project was Formally Started

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          On the morning of April 16th, the company's ERP software upgrade project kick-off meeting was held in the company's conference room. Company president Mr. Qiu Zhiwei and other middle and senior leaders, all project team members, and project implementation team members of Xiamen Zhenghang Software Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.


           During the kick-off meeting, the person in charge of the Zhenghang Software project implementation introduced ERP software upgrade project,  overview of the implementation of the Zhenghang Software T8 project, the main implementation content, the implementation plan and the project time node arrangement. The project was officially started on April 16th and will go online on October 1st.

            In order to cooperate with the implementation of Zhenghang Software’s T8 project, the company set up an ERP implementation project team, with the company’s deputy general manager Wang Mingshan as the project commander, and AI department director Cao Xuesheng as the project manager, team members including Wang Mingshan, Cao Xuesheng, Jiang Hujun, He Jing, Shi Caizhen, Wu Shixing, Shi Kelei, Dong Xiaotong, Lin Lei, Yao Boren, Wu Weiying, Qiu Yihang. The members of the company's project team will be responsible for the division  according to the implementation modules, organize and implement the planned tasks of each time node proposed by the Zhenghang software project team, participate in the formulation of the implementation process confirmation plan, organize the basic data sorting work, and be responsible for guiding the daily operation of the ERP software.

            The implementation of the Zhenghang Software T8 project is of great significance to the company's comprehensive improvement of the management level. Based on the original Zhenghang T357 management software, R&D management, quality management, after-sales service, expense reimbursement management, intelligent logistics, and manpower data have been added. Management and other modules, the new system process basically covers most of the company's daily operation and management work.

            The company hoped that all members of the project team and relevant personnel involved in the project implementation process should take into account their own work and implementation work at the same time, arrange working hours appropriately, and must complete the implementation work plan on time with quality and quantity, and not delay the overall project progress. It is necessary to consciously obey and accept that the implementation of the new system management process may change the job content of the original part of the staff to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

            The company will conduct rewards and punishments for project implementation. Recognize and reward the project team and all participants with outstanding performance and exemplary leadership in the project implementation process.


            President Qiu said at the meeting that with the continuous development of the company's scale, higher requirements have been placed on the company's management. The original ERP management software can no longer meet the needs of development, and it is imperative to implement ERP software upgrades. He hoped that the company's project team, heads of various departments and colleagues in key positions can go all out, cooperate with each other, and work closely with the Zhenghang software project implementation team to promote the smooth implementation of the project.

            At the end of the meeting, all the participants took a photo together.