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    Team tour in Ninghai on May 2,2018

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    Let our soul travel! Life is like a journey. It doesn't care about the destination. but cares about the scenery of the journey and the mood when looking at the scenery. On April 21, 2018, the company organized nearly 100 employees to travel to Ninghai.


    After a one-and-a-half-hour pleasant journey, we reached the first spot of today’s destination, the Wushan Grottoes. The scenery spot was located on the bank of Sanmen Bay in the central part of the east coast in Zhejiang Province about 30 kilometers away from Ninghai downtown. The terrain around the scenic spot is a flat topography with the coastal plain. There are five low hills with an altitude less than 100 meters.lay in sequence From north to south, they are Songji Mountain, Taoist Rock, and Not Zhoushan (formerly known as Sanjiaotang Mountain). Clever Mountain (formerly known as “Down Long Mountain”) and Shilan Mountain (formerly known as “Lan Tou Mountain”) that’s why they are called “Wu Shan”.


    Wushan Grottoes were relics left over by ancestors who were exploiting stone back then. Through more than 800 years of history, it was called “Bay Cave”. At present, there are about 30 cave clusters and more than 100 caves of various shapes. The first phase of the Wushan Grottoes scenic spot were developed into the two major scenic spots, namely the sacred mountain and the clever mountain. The inhospitable mountain was a cave sightseeing area. The landscape of the caves is unique and magnificent. The shapes and sizes of the various grottoes are scattered and form a splendid stone culture promenade. Smart Mountain is a cave fairy-tale entertaining area, which is composed of a number of unique mountain caves and shaft caves.


    After having a delicious and fruitful lunch, we arrived at the second spot, the Ninghai Shili Red Makeup Museum. The museum was established in September 2003 and officially opened for public in May 2004. It was a specific museum that displays ancient women’s lives and also The largest private folk museum in the ZheJiang province. Ninghai County Shili Red Make-up Town stands out due to its unique folk features, the combination of dynamic and static Expo, the ecological feature of Taoyuan at the intersection of mountains and streams, and the traditional processing industry of “muddy paint” and “Cultural Travel” cultural tourism. Become one of the second batch of five characteristic towns in the city. Once you entered the Museum of Art, you will be impressed by the dazzling displayed items, such as delicate and meticulous works of women's red, which is colorful, festive and prosperous,meanwhile large number, complete categories, high artistic value, rareness impressed us as well, as if we were brought back to the Ming and Qing dynasty to enjoy the civilian life. here can deeply appreciate the strong ethnic regional atmosphere as well.


    It is even more as the old saying goes: “When I have long hair extended out to waist, would you marry me? I’m going to wait for you to go straight to the brim, can you shop for ten red makeup?” and other graceful verses, dowry as well as other custom are the description of ten red makeup, In the tour guide's explanation, our thoughts seem to have been brought back to the festive atmosphere of the streets and lanes of the Southern Song Dynasty····


    After visiting the unique Shili Red Makeup Museum, we just continued our journey of joy. At this time, we were neither in the mountains and rivers, nor in the magnificent palace, but in an ordinary village, Stone Village. Where We are away from the noise of the prosperous city and can let our heart calm down immediately. Meanwhile it’s an original idyllic rural scenery which can let you recall the ancient villages that you’ve ever spent and seen before. at the visit of the ancient village, it will surely pick up the wonderfulness all the way, adding a splendid sum for future life. The history of Xujiashan can be dated back to the Ming Hongwu period. It is the largest and most completely preserved Shiwu Ancient Village in the urban area of Ningbo, and it is a model of stone house communities in the coastal mountains of eastern Zhejiang as well.


    At the same time, the bizarre stone in the Xujiashan Stone Museum and the stone banquet with its " complete color and fragrance" are the amazing of nature.


    Today, the company would like to thank all colleagues for their unremitting efforts and selfless dedication to the development of the company; also to promote employee exchanges, strengthen the seamless connection between teams, as well as enhance friendship and cohesion; at the same time, in order to promote corporate culture, enrich spare time activities and broaden their horizons. After a day of playing, I believe that everyone will work at a better state and continue to chase a better tomorrow for the sake of their own beautiful life.