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    Founding Conference of Ningbo WECO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

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    On the afternoon of July 20th, the interior of the company's fifth floor conference was full of banners and guests were full, presenting a grand and 

    warm scene. Here, the establishment meeting of Ningbo WECO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and the first general meeting of shareholders, the first meeting of the first session of the board of directors, and the first meeting of the first session of the board of supervisors were held solemnly. The shareholders of the company's sponsors, candidates for the board of directors, candidates of supervisors, company executives to be appointed, representatives of 

    relevant intermediary agencies and representatives of shareholders attended the meeting. The conference was hosted by Chairman Qiu Zhiwei.


    After deliberation and voting of all the sponsor shareholders who participated in the founding meeting, the meeting approved preparatory reports 

    including the company’s overall change to a joint-stock company according to law, the company’s articles of association, the rules of procedure of the 

    shareholders’ meeting, the rules of procedure for the board of directors, rules of procedure for the supervisory committee, and other relevant 

    management systems of the company. Waited for 16 motions.


    The General Assembly elected the first session for the board of directors of the company. Members include: Qiu Zhiwei, Lu Yan, Zhang Zheng, Xu 

    Liyong, Wu Xiaoyan, Jing Zhiyong, and Jiang Junxia. Among them, Wu Xiaoyan, Jing Zhiyong, and Jiang Junxia as independent directors. At the first 

    meeting of the first board of directors were convened immediately, Qiu Zhiwei was elected as the chairman of the first session of the board of 

    directors of the company



    The meeting elected the first board of supervisors of the joint-stock company and its members were: Wu Zihao, Ye Jianyong, and Lin Baoping, of 

    which Ye Jianyong was a representative supervisor of the staff. At the first meeting of the first board of supervisors convened immediately, Wu Zihao 

    was elected chairman of the first session of the board of supervisors of the company.


    At the first meeting of the first session of the board of directors of the joint-stock company, senior executives of the company were also appointed.

    Members include: General Manager Qiu Zhiwei, Executive Deputy General Manager Lu Yan, Deputy General Manager Zhang Zheng, Deputy General 

    Manager Li Bo, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer Wang Mingshan.As a result, the company’s organizational management 

    system was established.


    Chairman Qiu Zhiwei made an important speech at the meeting. He said that the overall change of the company into a joint stock company is by no 

    means a simple change in name, marking a solid first step for the company to land on the capital market through IPO, and the company has thus 

    entered a new stage of development, marking a milestone in the development of the company. The significance of the formula. He expressed his sincere gratitude to all shareholders, intermediaries, and preparatory committees who support and care for the company's overall restructuring, and the hard work they have paid during the overall restructuring process. After more than a decade of accumulation in the company, the company has grown 

    from a simple workshop with a small workshop to become a leader in the elevator industry at home and abroad. This is the result of the concerted efforts of all employees, and it is also a good policy to catch up with reform and opening up. Historical development opportunities. The greatness and glory of 

    the past have become history. Through restructuring, the company is standing at a new starting point. The company must have a sense of mission, 

    sense of responsibility, and sense of honor for the company's listing, and must be stronger in combat, execution, and cohesion. Commit to the follow-up work, carry forward the future, go hand in hand and jointly write a new chapter of the company!



    The whole process of the conference was conducted in accordance with legal procedures. The whole scene was serious and enthusiastic. All the 

    participants witnessed the historic moment of the company's development.

    The overall restructuring of a limited liability company into a company limited by shares is a qualitative leap and change that will greatly promote and affect the future development of the company. Mainly reflected in: First, it is conducive to improving the company's business management level. After the share reform, the company will establish a corporate governance structure characterized by the separation of powers and checks and balances of the 

    general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and management, will further improve the company's management 

    model, strengthen the scientific management decision-making, and promote the sustainable and stable operation of the company; Establish a modern 

    property rights system with clear ownership and clear rights and responsibilities, and enhance the driving force for continuous innovation; Third, the 

    company will use IPO to access the domestic main board capital market, raise funds for resource integrations, enhance advantages, expand new 

    business, and further expand. Strong.


    The successful conclusion of the conference marked the successful completion of the company's joint-stock reform. The company will use stocks as an opportunity to continuously improve the company's management model, strictly follow the standards of the listed company's standards and 

    operations, and strive to land on the domestic motherboard capital market as soon as possible for more long-term development.


    There might be difficulties waiting ahead but it will be fearlessly concurred. Looking back, the company has been walking along the way for the 13th 

    year. Its past was full of glory and achievements. Looking ahead, the company's listing is on the road to a new level, and victory will be in the near future. Let the people in the micro-faculty join hands together and strive for progress. In order to achieve a common dream, "Roll up your sleeves and Let’s 

    work hard for the future!"