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    Ningbo WECO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 2017 Spring Dinner

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    On the coast of the East China Sea, there is such a team. They use the concept of dedication, persistence, and rigorousness to create a miracle in the light curtain industry! On January 6, 2017, Donghang Bay Hotel Yuanyuan Hall and Weike Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. held the 2017 Spring Festival Gala Dinner. Qiu Dong addressed the dinner. After a year of tempering, our strategy was more focused, the thinking was clearer, and the foundation was more clear. Solid, more complete management mode, and more enforcement. With the joint efforts of all company employees, we have overcome all kinds of pressures and difficulties, not only successfully achieved the company's various goals, the team's quality, professionalism, and management levels have greatly improved.


    Persistence and Inheritance: Since 2013, the selection of advanced team members advocated by the company's Deputy Director Li has been carried out in an orderly manner. Among them, the team that has won three times in a year has finally won the winning team of the year. The team that won the award this year is the welding department of the Manufacturing Department. The group and the final inspection team of the Quality Department received the awards and they were very happy. Those who did not receive the prizes were eager to try, as if they were saying: We must be on the stage next year, come on!


    Thank you for your thanks: In order to thank everyone for their hard work over the past year, the company specially prepared a generous prize for us, including 80 third prizes, 5 second prizes, 1 first prize, the odds of winning more than 45%, this In the eyes of employees, they received more than the prize itself, but also a recognition and gratitude of the company.


    Passion and transformation: On June 24, 2016, the company held the start-up meeting for the positive energy practice of Wei Ke. At that moment, Qiu Dong put forward “loyalty + ability + positive energy = micro-level cadres”. During the past six months, through the tug-of-war competition, In energy quotations, anti-Taiwan, and good people's good things between employees, 26 micro-red positive energy red card winners were born. They are the representatives of the positive energy of Micro-Science and are active promoters and initiators of various activities of Micro-Sciences. At this moment, they finally said "FOR WECO" which had been buried in their hearts for a long time. A small world with passion, responsibility, and positive energy is quietly forming!


    In order to once again rush the climax of the party to a climax, we carefully prepared interesting interactive games. On the stage, employees who were strangers to each other on the stage suddenly became incomparably tacit and fully reflected the strong team spirit.


    Among them, employees were given an impromptu performance on the spot. Once again, they reflected the versatility of the staff of the Weike Branch. The Micro-Doctrine was the place for hidden tigers, and the whole party was held in the rhythm of laughter and push-pulling. The year-long hard work and fruitful results were reviewed. Extensive, let us sigh: micro science is powerful, micro-section will lead the elevator light curtain market forward!