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    WECO's team building in Jingning

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    On October 29, 2016, the company’s tourism destination---- Jingning She minority Autonomous County which locates in the southwestern part of Zhejiang Province, with latitude 27°58′N and longitude 119°38′E. The total area is 1949.98 square kilometers, while the total population is 170,000 (till 2004). Geographically, it is subordinate to Lishui City, adjoining Qingtian County and Wencheng County to the east, Taishun County to South and Shouning County to Fujian Province to the west, Qingyuan County to Longquan City to the west, Yunhe County to the north, and Lishui City to the northeast.



    After 5 hours’ journey of lots joy and roughness, we finally arrived at the first spot of the entire tour – She Minority Museum. The style of the whole building mainly was a traditional She ethnic dwelling, blending in modern She architectural elements, its earthen walls and grey tiled were primitive, classical, and elegant. The exhibition hall covered an area of 600 square meters, demonstrating the history, culture, customs, beliefs, production, living, environment,inhabitant, food, clothing, as well as songs dances of the She people. In addition, there were more than 4,000 pieces of historical assets left by their ancestor from different ages, such as porcelain, traditional costumes, production tools, jade articles, and wood carvings. Furthermore, it was an important window to understand the history of the She people and interpret the culture of She people. It was the most influential cultural exchange center for the She people all over the country.

    When we are still enjoying the Museum, our next spot began, Fengjin cottage.There were 4 major surnames amone the She minority: Pan, Lei, Lan, and Zhong, and Fengjin cottage is the earliest birthplace of the people whose surname is Lan,came to Zhejiang first. Due to the digging of several thousand pounds of gold in the past, it was dubbed the "Peach garden" of the She minority myth- Fengjin Mountain. Here we have watched the wedding of the She minority people in the country. The Yi people sing the pan songs (that is, folk songs) and sing the folk songs. It was the main method of affection express between young people of She minority, as well as the custome of marriage. There was a prevail proverb among the She minority:"never get married if you can’t sing folk song. The She wedding ceremony was a kind of folk activity that everyone loved to see. The wedding ceremony includes sacrificial stopping, lifting ceremony, pagoda tea-drinking, sandals-removing, borrowing,  chickens-slaughtering, frogs-catching, singing, confrontation, scorpion, leaving, feng shui leaving , marry, chapel, pass, return to the door and other taches.

    Although we live in the same land and under the same sky of China, we had the illusion of experiencing the different customs, nevertheless, we can feel the simplicity and hospitality of the She people. When we are still enjoying, it was time for lunch. We were tasting the Jingning's specialties include fungus, mushrooms, and  some other green food. After the dinner, the tour guide arranged a “Dreaming of the Homeland, minority campfire gala. During the gala, we enjoyed the She costumes, folk songs, and dance performances. meanwhile, we also invited our colleagues to participate in the show actively and make the atmosphere even more Harmony, cries and cheers echoed in Jingning’s fascinating night.



    At the end of the colorful activity, the campfire was lit by the staff. All the tourists here were very excited, some of them even got up and went to the side of the campfire. When host was introduction and rhythmic music was ringing, everyone joined in hands and were dancing altogether with She girls. The joyous atmosphere has neglected their own age, profession, looked like a professional dancer and an elf brought everyone joy.at the moment, The red flame shines on their face,seems like that they had forgotten the drizzle of the day and the cool bursts of the night. at this scene, if Li Bai and Du Fu were present, it would have become a beautiful poem that would be praised by the world.

    At 7 o'clock of the next morning, the clock rang on time. After breakfast, we  began the next day’s journey----Yunhe Terraces, known as The Most Beautiful Rice Terraces in China "Clouds and wonders, world of the clouds" is a major highlight of the Yunhe Terraces. In addition, there are many colorful natural landscapes such as terraces, clouds, mountains, bamboo, streams, waterfalls, and haze. The scenery here is exceptionally beautiful, the colorful sea of clouds, sometimes like a gentle girl crouching on the mountains with her bare chest. Mountains, trees, houses embellished during the time, like Penglai Wonderland; sometimes like a violent tide, surging. It happened on this day that the top of the mountain was lingering with smoke, as if it was a special arrangement from god. The tranquility, the kind of harmony, the realm of heaven and man, the unpredictable clouds, the colorful terraces in the fog were intoxicating, and the beauty was indescribable. People here can feel the pure beauty of the clouds and terraces just like a fairy tale did, making people cheer, from cement jungles to rural dwellings, leaving people with pure hearts, felt like returning to childhood.



    we wriggleed the path of the terraced fields, we heard the sound of melodious folk instruments as we just got to the side of the road, checked the time, It was just 10 o'clock in the morning. I remembered that the tour guide have told us that there would be a performance in this period. we climbed the stage without hesitation, as we recalled yesterday's performance, and had an orderly seat across from the stage. It really proved once again that the people in the township could sing and dance, which is one of the unique features among the She people. at the end of the show we reluctantly left for lunch.

    The two-day tour ended perfectly, it had given the soul a consolation of nature at the spare time, and it was a WECO team's dedicated and condensed baptism as well! As the energetic banner of "WECO Optoelectronics"led us to a more brilliant future! Hello WECO, Look forward to your next gathering!