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WECO culture is the soul of micro SOLARPOWER is Microtech's code of conduct. Senior leaders in the production of micro-SOLARPOWER long business practice, summed up, to extract a series of mission, vision, spirit, principles, ideas, constitute the full features with WECO culture system.
      WECO culture system rich in content, deeply rooted in the Enlightenment experience, formation, sublimation three stages:
     ● Enlightenment period (2004 to 2005): The Executive Director and General Manager Mr. Qiu Zhiwei as the core of leadership, targeted at entrepreneurs, based on now, look to the future, proposed a "progressive, pragmatic, service, civilized," the "Enterprise spirit "and" good governance, to achieve take-off "of the" Zhichang motto, "constitutes a micro SOLARPOWER enterprise culture system prototype. It is in this spirit that inspired forces, led by senior leaders and entrepreneurs with micro SOLARPOWER employees, in the throes of newborn period, long-suffering, through the difficult years of the start-up period.
      ● formation period (2006 to 2007): senior leadership in the Enlightenment period "entrepreneurial spirit" and "Zhichang motto" in advance and practice, and gradually raised ambitions, goals, factory air, consciousness, ideas and other concepts, the "technology and development, quality of survival, to win market integrity, efficiency through scale" as their motto. In particular, proposed a "people-oriented, the first fight, Beginners" business philosophy and as a micro SOLARPOWER core values, marking the micro SOLARPOWER enterprise culture system formation. By building around the core values of corporate culture and atmosphere, micro SOLARPOWER excellent management company will eventually translate into superior products and services.
      ● sublimation period (since 2008): WECO senior leadership did not put a complete system of corporate culture on the level of static, but rather constantly enrich and develop the proposed "with excellence and leadership to meet customer demand," the mission of Micro Branch , and formulated the "elevator light curtain to create a global brand" vision. WECO culture system was rich in content, has been developed on the extension, the company has become a valuable intangible assets.
WECO was founded, in view of the elevator light curtain is going to fully replace the elevator door safety edge safety devices become the standard configuration of the industry status quo, senior leadership to capture the elevator light curtain huge market space for development and business opportunities, put forward the "Micro Branch elevator light curtain into a production base and export base, establish the elevator light curtain developer specializing in the production market image, striving to develop a model for SME fast, strong opponents among the international market, the elevator light curtain forest "ambitions.
      2008, based on the continued implementation and ambitions continue to honor, as already grown into China's largest supplier of elevator light curtain, the domestic market share of close to 50%, combined with the actual, the senior leadership ambitions to "create the world Elevator light curtain first brand. "In the years of senior leadership seminar organized corporate strategy, through the analysis methods to identify the process of development of the company has "advantage" and have an "opportunity" and faced a "threat" and the presence of the "inferior" and eventually will "create the world Elevator light curtain first brand "up positioning for the company's long-term vision.
      According to the company vision, developed micro SOLARPOWER long, medium and short-term direction of development:


    The role of senior leadership also is to determine the organization's long term development direction and performance targets. Company leaders committed to creating sustainable development organization, focusing on management innovation, play a team collaboration capabilities; focus on product innovation, customer-centric, to meet the different needs of customers, with innovative ideas continue to increase product development efforts, has introduced new products and broaden the market; focus on technological innovation, and actively introduce advanced production equipment and advanced production technology, through equipment replacement, technology innovation and other measures for the market and continue to provide customers with high-quality, personalized satisfied with the products; emphasis on service innovation, customer involvement in product design and development, to provide customers with total solutions. According to the company vision goals, corresponding to the company long, medium and short development, micro SOLARPOWER senior leadership developed a corporate long, medium and short-term performance goals: